Yogyakarta Instagram Tour: The Most 12 Scenic Spots You Must Visit For 4-Day


Overview: Visit the most twelve scenic sights around Yogyakarta including; the stunning sunrise at Borobudur Temple, the heavenly-lights of Jomblang Cave and breath-taking Timang Beach.


  • - Explore the most twelve scenic spots around Yogyakarta
  • - Snap some Instagram-worthy pictures
  • - Stay cool in this most up to date itinerary
  • - Visit all the iconic monuments and natural wonders



Day 1: Yogyakarta Airport, Jungle Swing and The Scenic Waterfall

Begin your first day by getting pick up either from the airport or the hotel. For picking up from the airport, your friendly guide wait for you and holding a sign with your name on it at the arrival gate. Enjoy a delicious local food for your lunch before heading to the Jungle Swing, where you can challenge yourself in an incredible experience with around 18 meters of rope and fly above the valley and jungle. Continue your experience with a visit to a hidden waterfall and enjoy a refreshing swim. Before your guide escort you to your accommodation, make sure to stop for dinner on your way to the hotel.

Day 2: Borobudur Sunrise, Merapi Volcano, and Prambanan Temple

On this second day, wake up early before dawn and travel to Borobudur Temple to witness a stunning sunrise views. Make a stop at the rising spot nearby call “Chicken Church” where you can spend some time for pictures. Continue your second day activity by visiting Merapi Volcano. Explore and stops at some view points to take some instagram-worthy pictures. Before heading to the largest and beautiful Hindus temple of Prambanan, make sure to charge your energy by stopping for lunch at a local restaurant. Finish your second day by enjoying sunset over the small-but-highest temple of Candi ijo, and having a dinner afterwards before reach your accommodation.

Day 3: Bukit Panguk Sunrise, Jomblang Cave, Timang Beach and Pinus Pengger

Keep your spirit on for this third day, since you still have to wake up early to catch up a scenic sunrise views at “Bukit Panguk”. Head to Jomblang cave afterwards, and witness the heavenly light where angels descend in this truly intriguing experience. Continue your third day activity with a visit to Timang Beach, where the infamous hand-drawn gondola become its iconic activity. Enjoy a typical delicious food of fresh lobsters caught by local fishermen directly from Timang Beach before continuing to the next destination. Finish your day by visiting “Pinus Pengger”, snap some instagram-worthy pictures on this “creepy-spot”. Do not forget to stop for dinner before reach your hotel.

Day 4: Kalibiru Nature Park, Tamansari Watercastle and Airport Transfer

Make sure to pack all of your stuff on this last day tour. Firstly, visit Kalibiru Nature Park, where it offers a fun outdoor activities,  stunning views, and unique photo opportunities. After visiting Kalibiru, your friendly guide will take you to the exquisite ancient royal baths at Taman Sari Watercastle. Enjoy a delicious lunch afterwards, and choose to stop for souvenirs if you wish to through your guide recommendation, before heading to the airport as a final destination.